Tournament Results



We had a great turnout on 7-25 for the Tournament. There were 24 boats showed up to brave the Hot weather. The river was low Flow but  in good shape and there were a few fish caught. Here is how the top teams did


1st Place and Big Bass

Ronnie Vezina and Steve Miller

11.10 lbs               3.80 lbs BB


They only had 4 fish and Ronnie said they never had the other bite. He said they caught all there keepers on a jig bite just out of the current.


2nd place

Mike Emmert

10.48 lbs

Mike had a limit just did not have a kicker. He caught all his fish on a Spinnerbait in the current on the river bends.


3rd place

Tommy and Tim Williams

8.86 lbs

These guys had 5 as well they said they caught their fish on crankbaits and had a couple of Kentucky’s I their limit.


4th place

Dale Trotter and Rod Miller

7.02 lbs

With only 3 fish they had the right size just did not get enough and said they did not lose any that was just all they could find.

The Arkansas Valley Bass Masters weekly Tuesday night tournaments are from 5:30 until dark. Just show up with your $30 per boat entry fee a little before 5:30 any Tuesday at Fort Smith Park on the Arkansas River and be ready for a fun weekly tournament atmosphere! For additional details contact Ray Webb at 479-650-2032